Versteinerte Pflanzen


Deutschland, Thüringen, Ilfelder Becken

Kieselhölzer aus dem Ilfelder Becken am Südharzrand


I delineate occurences of silicified gymnosperm and very rare pteridosperm woods at the northern margin of the Ilfeld Rotliegend Basin around the village Appenrode. All these finds are from agricultural land with smoothed, polished and rounded surfaces. To a lesser extent rounded and polished silicified wood partial covered in pale grey to chestnut volcanoclastics are common in the "Porphyry Conglomerate" of Upper Rotliegend age. Well rounded, smoothed and polished silicified woods partial covered in colored porphyry conglomerate are common in the "Upper Gravel-Terrace" of diluvial period. These facts prove multiple reworking and redeposition of the plant fragments. Nuggets of oxidic iron and manganese ores, agates and also well rounded stromatolite-nodules prove origin in volcanoclastics of Lower Rotliegend age and short transport from northern directions.


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