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Russia, District Leningrad, Upper Devonian floral remains from the river Syass

Floral remains that belongs to Callixylon are described by Snigirevskaya & Snigirevsky (2001) from several locations at the northern margin of the Russian platform. One of these Upper Devonian outcrops are in the District Leningrad at the river banks of the Syass-River south of the lake Ladoga.

Cross-bedded, fine to medium grained, white, light grey to light yellow non-marine sandstones containes silicified woods from small branches with a few centimetres in diameter up to large trunk-segments with 0.5 metres in diameter and 1.5 metres in lenght. The wood remains show details of the woody-tissue in bad preservation with quartz-recrystallizations.

On the basis of accompanying brachiopod- and fish-fauna an Upper Devonian age (Frasnium) is proved. There a no evidences for in-situ-conditions like paleosoils or root balls. The silicified woods are transported and restored from their original growth-position. Indications for the infestation with wood-decaying organisms are unnoticeable.


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